We Retrieve Medical Records

Why Choose ECS?

ECS’ commitment to customer satisfaction and results has resulted in rapid growth and becoming one of the largest medical record retrieval companies. ECS invites you to try it for yourself with a no obligation pilot or trial period.

  • Proven to Scale – 65,000 provider sites and 2,000,000 chart requests annually
  • Reliable & Experienced – Currently serving 4 of the top 10 Medicare Advantage Plans
  • On-site retrieval – More than 2,500 field technicians in all 50 states
  • Robust Technology – 24 X 7 real-time access to status of record requests
  • Flexibility – Ability to ramp to any project quickly
  • Core Competency = Retrieval – Sole focus on chart retrieval (we don’t code)
  • Highly Secure – Industry leading HIPAA compliance adherence
  • Proven Track Record – Serving the nation’s largest health plan since 2008
  • Customer Service – Dedicated account management to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Yield – ECS will retrieve the charts you requested
  • Cost Savings – Typically, ECS can reduce costs up to 25%
  • Onshore – ECS does not send their operations offshore

We will deliver on our commitments.

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