We Retrieve Medical Records

Release of Information

Medical facilities and physician offices are buried with medical record requests from patients, law firms, health plans and others. These requests put an incredible administrative burden on office staff.

Meaningful Use now stipulates that electronic medical record requests must be available to the patient within 3 business days from request.

Allow ECS to handle your medical record requests allowing your staff to focus on patient care. ECS has over 2,500 trained field technicians covering all 50 states.

Why choose ECS?

  • Patient Satisfaction – Patients will receive requests faster and at a lower cost
  • Flexibility – ECS offers options from onsite scanning to remote release of information services
  • Professionalism – ECS’ field technicians all have passed drug/background screenings and passed HIPAA security exams
  • Dependable – Rest assured ECS technicians will be onsite and on time
  • Software – Get real time status of all requests for your facility
  • Coverage – Ability to get any record, any time, any place
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