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RADV Online®

RADV Online

ECS has introduced the first ever software platform developed specifically to manage the 12 week RADV audit cycle as well as the dispute resolution process that occurs after RADV results have been submitted. Like all of ECS’ software solutions, myRADVonline is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use software platform to manage CMS RADV audits, intenal mock audits or any specialty audit.

RADV online Features: 

  • Comprehensive status reporting package
  • Project Status (percent complete and status of each chart)
  • Current & Projected Retrieval Schedule
  • PNP Detail (Provider Not Participating)
  • Outreach Detail (number of calls and categorization of results by site)
  • One click customer branding
  • Real-time alerts when a provider is not cooperating with retrieval
  • Highly configurable
  • Real-time, 24×7 Access to chart retrieval and project status




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RADV Online Screenshot

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