We Retrieve Medical Records

Prospective Forms Processing

Medicare Advantage plans are increasingly segmenting their membership based on patient risk profiles so they can match patient populations with appropriate proactive care management programs. ECS distributes prospective patient screening forms to providers so patients can receive superior care when they meet with their provider.

After forms have been distributed to providers, ECS leverages their retrieval expertise and Chartfinder’s superior technology to ensure appropriate follow-up with providers and subsequent recovery of medical records so you can monitor the success of your care management programs.

Why choose ECS for Prospective Services?

  • Speed – Industry leading delivery times
  • Coverage – Ability to distribute prospective forms to any place, any time
  • Cost Savings – Drive out internal costs for prospective form distribution and outreach
  • Software – Easy to use and highly intuitive, get real time status on any medical record request
  • HIPAA Compliance – Most stringent measures in the industry
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