We Retrieve Medical Records

Management Team

Paxton Jevnick, Founder & CEO
Paxton is the founder and CEO of ECS. He founded the company in 1999 with a vision of simplifying processes within the health care industry with web-based software and value added services. Under Paxton’s leadership, ECS has become the largest medical record retrieval company in the world and has created the most extensive network of medical record retrieval field technicians in the industry.

Tim Poehling, President
Tim works closely with the CEO and executive team to ensure that the mission and core values of the firm are put into practice and that the strategic plan is successfully executed throughout the firm. He also leads the infrastructure development of the firm as it grows, which includes: systems, processes, pipeline management, trade support, marketing, facilities, personnel recruitment and development. Prior to ECS, Tim has an extensive background in healthcare, specifically with health plans and healthcare analytics organizations.

Jason Grendahl, Director of Client Relations
Jason has 16 years of experience in private industry and business consulting. He is an engineering and business management graduate from North Dakota State University with practiced expertise in Business Development and Operations. Jason has a track record of partnering with executive teams in various industries to strategically drive top line growth and operational improvements. His leadership experiences in general management, business analysis, operation assessment, process improvement and project management have driven the desired results for his clients and customers.

Pamela Hulse, Director of Compliance
Pamela designs and implements programs, policies, and practices to ensure that all departments are in compliance with HIPAA standards. She maintains compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. She also tracks laws and regulations that might affect the organization’s policies and procedures. Pamela brings to ECS extensive experience in health informatics, data and IT governance, information and knowledge management, privacy, security, and compliance. Pamela‚Äôs credentials include a Masters in Computer Information Systems, Bachelors in Business Administration and Management, and Professional Certifications in International Privacy in Information Technology, Health Information Technology, Electronic Health Records, and Health Information Exchange.

Jason Schmidt, Director of Operations
Jason has 10 years of experience in private industry and business consulting. He is a Management Information Systems graduate from North Dakota State University. Extraordinary cross functional management background and documented record of success. Jason has demonstrated a strong operational expertise and commitment to driving out cost while maintaining excellent customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Steven Eastlack, Director of Information Technology
Steve is the Director of IT at ECS where he is responsible for developing and maintaining the technology that allows us to retrieve medical records and provide chart coding and auditing services to the industry. He has over 15 years of experience implementing complex systems ranging from Product Development, Project Leadership, Cost Benefit Analysis, to Solution Engineering. Steve also had an extensive background with Healthcare prior to joining ECS and continually leverages that to deliver new solutions for ECS and its customers.

Craig Mercure, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Craig is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ECS where he is responsible for the successful development and implementation of the company sales and marketing strategies for growth. Craig has worked at the executive sales and marketing level for the past 15 years selling in the electronic medical record and medical documentation industry.

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