We Retrieve Medical Records

The problem with medical record retrieval.

Time consuming and expensive. Medical records can be the key to successful litigation. However, retrieving medical records can be time consuming and expensive.
Unpredictable pricing. Per page pricing, set-up charges, custodial charges, copy service fees, hidden labor charges and other unexpected and unpublished charges make it impossible to know how much retrieving a record will cost.
Expensive provider fees. Providers will often charge $100 or more to copy a medical record. Additionally, copy services and retrieval companies frequently add a markup to these fees when they pass them along to you.

Let us help you save time and money.

Lowest price. Our pricing is the lowest in the industry. Period.
Upfront pricing. No price per page. You pay a flat rate for each record and you only pay if we retrieve the medical record.
Minimize provider fees. Our ability to perform onsite scanning anywhere in the country enables us to avoid expensive provider fees and save you money. We will send an ECS Retrieval Technician onsite to scan the record if it saves you money.
No markup. If provider fees are incurred, these fees are passed through, at cost, with no markup.
No hidden charges. No setup charges, trip fees, hourly rates, excessive labor charges, etc.

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Why choose ECS?

  • Cost Savings – The lowest pricing in the industry
  • Speed – The fastest turnaround time
  • Largest – The largest medical record retrieval company retrieving more than 2 million medical records annually
  • Most Recognized – We are in 65,000+ hospitals and provider offices each year
  • Onsite Scanning – The only retrieval company with a staff of more than 2,500 professionally trained medical record retrieval technicians in all 50 states.
  • No Hidden Fees – Upfront pricing with no price per page, provider fee markup, trip fees, hourly rates, excessive labor charges, etc.
  • Coverage – Ability to get any record, any time, any place
  • HIPAA Compliance – Most stringent measures in the industry
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