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HEDIS Medical Record Retrieval

The demand for HEDIS chart reviews has been increasing steadily over the past few years. Many health plans have gone from the traditional model of sending nurses onsite to physician practices to the more efficient model of retrieving the medical documentation and having the nurses do the abstraction from a central location or remotely.

ECS assists health plans in retrieving the proper documentation to support the appropriate HEDIS measure. ECS has developed the industry leading HEDIS application that allows for detailed documentation needs by HEDIS hybrid measure.

To ensure positive provider relationships, ECS works closely with provider offices to schedule the chart retrieval method that is preferred by the provider office. ECS understands the importance of a health plan’s relationship with the provider community. We work to eliminate provider disruption and minimize administrative burdens by allowing the provider to select a retrieval method best suited to their needs. These options are:

On-site Retrieval EMR Retrieval Fax Retrieval Mail Retrieval

Why choose ECS for HEDIS medical record retrieval?

  • Speed – Industry leading delivery times
  • Yield – ECS will retrieve the charts you requested
  • Coverage – Ability to get any record, any time, any place
  • Provider Relationships – ECS has established working relationships
  • Cost Savings – Reduce costs up to 25%
  • Software – Easy to use and highly intuitive, get real time status on any medical record request
  • HIPAA Compliance – Most stringent measures in the industry
  • Core Competency – ECS is focused solely on medical record retrieval and management
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