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Credentialing Site Visits

ECS is the industry leader in delivering cost effective, quick turn Site Visits for the provider credentialing process. From the privately run clinic in small town USA to the largest hospitals in major metropolitan areas; our staff is trained to deliver high quality audits meeting state, federal and NCQA guidelines.

Through our growing network of dedicated field technicians, ECS can respond to your site visit needs anywhere in the country.

At the core of our Site Visit solution you will find SiteTracker©.  This specialized system allows ECS to effectively work with each client to manage the entire Site Visit process. SiteTracker© is a web based application that houses all information and documentation tied to the Site Visit and provides real time tracking and transparency throughout the process.

Why choose ECS for credentialing site visits?

  • Speed – Industry leading delivery times
  • Coverage – Ability to get any record, any time, any place
  • Cost Savings – Reduce costs up to 25%
  • Software – Easy to use and highly intuitive, get real time status on any medical record request
  • HIPAA Compliance – Most stringent measures in the industry
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