We Retrieve Medical Records

Company Overview

Since 1999, ECS has grown into the premier provider of medical record retrieval services and software in the country. ECS utilizes the largest field technician network in the industry, over 2,500 employees, to get medical records any place at any time. Annually, ECS receives more than 2,000,000 medical record requests at over 65,000 provider offices in all 50 states.

ECS’ sole focus on medical record retrieval has allowed our clients to receive industry leading delivery times at the lowest cost point possible. This laser focus on medical record retrieval allows ECS to serve any market that needs access to medical records. ECS provides medical record retrieval services for Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Legal. Release of Information services are also provided to medical facilities and groups.

ECS has established relationships with thousands of medical facilities across the country that allows for quick acquisition of medical records and the highest satisfaction rating in the industry from the facilities ECS’ visits.

ECS is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and strict compliance with HIPAA and other health care industry standards.  We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and our ability to provide outstanding customer service and communications to clients and health care providers.

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