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ChartFinder is a state-of-the-art system that tracks the status of your medical record retrieval projects real time. You will have 24×7 internet access to all retrieval statuses and associated project information.

ChartFinder also provides instant electronic notification when a problem is encountered during the retrieval process. If a provider will not allow access to requested medical charts, specified client personnel are notified using ChartFinder’s automated email notification system. This proven exception management process facilitates the necessary communication required to resolve issues without wasting time.

ChartFinder features:

  • Real time updates on medical record retrieval and project status
  • All forms of medical record retrieval are supported—on-site scanning, fax, email, mail, on-site EMR and remote EMR
  • Automatically upload and attach chart image files over the internet through a highly secure encrypted data transmission protocol
  • Utilize CodeStream to preview and code medical charts
  • Automatically transmit charts to third party coding vendors
  • Track the status of each chart as it moves through the retrieval and coding process
  • Track the status of each project from the time it’s released through project completion
  • Run management reports to review project information by health plan, line of business and state
  • Import coding data for completed charts to internal or external systems for CMS submission
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