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Attestation Recovery Services

Every year, Medicare Advantage plans forego billions in reimbursements due to simple provider documentation errors (e.g. a provider didn’t include their credentials after their signature). There is an emerging interest by Medicare Advantage plans to recover this revenue through the collection of provider attestations.

Whether you have already identified documentation discrepancies or you are looking for a coding tool that can keep track of discrepancies, ECS can help. ChartFinder’s coding module flags records that can not be submitted to CMS because providers didn’t sign the chart in accordance with CMS guidelines. This enables ECS’ clients to quickly identify which chart records require attestations to be in compliance with CMS guidelines.

After identifying which charts require attestations, ECS leverages its chart retrieval core competency to outreach to provider offices, distribute attestations and then follow up with provider offices to receive them back so Medicare Advantage plans can be compensated appropriately and in accordance with the CMS reimbursement methodology.

Why choose ECS for Attestation Recovery Services?

  • Speed – Industry leading delivery times
  • Coverage – Ability to get any record, any time, any place
  • Cost Savings – Reduce costs up to 25%
  • Software – Easy to use and highly intuitive, get real time status on any medical record request
  • HIPAA Compliance – Most stringent measures in the industry
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